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Fernando Padilla m

Abogado Administrativo Aeronáutico Laboral
Ciudad de Mexico
Education. Law Degree 2005-2011. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico City.


Grupo Ajusco. 2018- Present. General Counsel., Main Activities. Review all legal policies, support, and advice to the various companies of the group, direct the investigation of breaches, including corrective actions, preparation, review, and negotiation of contracts and agreements, legal representation with government, suppliers and customers, litigation management with external law firms, responsible of area budget.

Accomplishments. I managed to reduce the overdue portfolio by 60% with a total of $1,600,000.00 U$D collected extrajudicially, developed the policy and establish the procedure to obtain licenses and permits from 98 pawn shops in 23 states, instituted the legal strategy for revocation and cancellation of 34 federal fines with 100% efficiency, restructure the company to separate assets from the operation by creating a new parent company and new operating subsidiary companies.

Viva Aerobus. 2014-2017. Legal Affairs Specialist., Main activities. Legal representation for national and foreign relations in Europe, coordination and collaboration with external legal firms in multiple matters, including the negotiation and execution of the purchase of 52 AIRBUS 320NEO airplanes for a value of more than $5,800,000,000.00 U$D, responsible of the litigation, negotiation, and implementation of contracts and agreements with customers, suppliers, and government.

Accomplishments. Implement the legal strategy for the acquisition of 52 AIRBUS 320NEO airplanes, eliminate 70% of the operating cost for the attention of complaints of PROFECO, and revoke and cancel 100% of the fines imposed. Systematized and establish a policy to ensure workflow and compliance.

Panasonic. 2010 – 2013. In-house Lawyer., Main Activities. Legal company representative for domestic relations with companies and authorities, elaboration of contracts and agreements with suppliers and government, responsible for the Government of the legal area. Implement compliance and ISM (Information Security Management)

Accomplishments. Integrated the Compliance and ISM policies, consolidated the "B2B" business model in Latin America.

Notaría 96 de la Ciudad de México. 2007- 2009. Legal Assistant.

Essential Skills & Competencies. Football Americano “Borregos Salvajes” Mayor league.

Academic Qualifications.
• Course “Anti-Corruption and Compliance” Penn-State University, 2019.
• Course “The Law and Economics of Media Platforms” Chicago Law School, 2019.
• Course “Rethinking International Tax Law” University Leiden, 2018.
• Course “Finance for Startups” Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 2018.
• Diplomat “FinTech Law and Policy” Duke University, 2018
• Course “Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares” INAI, 2017.
• Course “Aviso de Privacidad” INAI, 2017.
• Diplomat “A Law Student’s Toolkit” Yale University, 2017.
• Diplomat “Successful Negotiation, Strategies and Skills” University of Michigan, 2016.
• Diplomat “Derecho Aeronáutico” Instituto Tecnologico Autónomo de México, 2015.
• Course “B2B” Pansonic Company, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013.
• Course “Compliance and ISM” Panasonic Company, Osaka, Japan, 2013.
• Diplomat ”Legal Positivism, and the Moral Aim Thesis” UNAM, 2012.
• Course “El Constitucionalismo Contemporáneo” UNAM, 2012.
• Diplomat “Técnicas de Negociación” ITESM, 2011.
• Diplomat “Juicios Orales” Chicago Kent College, 2010.

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